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How to Creatively Cope with Stress

I have a friend that told me I like to see rainbows instead of seeking landmines. This rosy-glow outlook has been a detriment to me when being too nice lands me in the land of no boundaries. This is where therapy, evaluating patterns, changing behaviors, etc. has helped me personally and professionally.

As a yoga teacher, I offer a safe place for students, and I've made myself accessible to offer friendship and support. While I enjoy my role as an instructor and feel confident in front of a room ready to lead, I am an introvert that values alone time and above all privacy in my personal life. The struggle with so many personalities, their agendas, needs, and opinions can add weight - aka - STRESS! You know of those 7 Cardinal Rules for Life well - "what other people think of you is none of your business" has been something I've learned to live with.

Part of this learning and living means finding healthy creative outlets to disconnect from the stress, which can come from my job and empath personality of feeling others' energy. My creative outlet might be cooking, working out, writing, reading, listening to music, etc. The list could be different for you, but here's a start to help you find what works for your creative STRESS RESET:

Move Your Body

Find a way to get physical - yep, like the ol' 80's song. Take a walk, take a fitness or yoga class, go for a bike ride, or just dance around your kitchen, but the more serotonin you get pulsing through your brain, the better you can deal with the stress on hand.

Empty it on Paper

Journal out what you are thinking, feeling, and want to say, but be mindful NOT to actually send it or say it. Remember you can't take back words and too often we may regret or have repercussions for things best left unsaid! So get it out on paper - old school pen or pencil or type it out, but then delete it, destroy it, or turn it into a beautiful little Papier Mâché - hey another creative outlet.

Do Something Relaxing

Think self-care here as in a slow walk in nature or listening to healing music. Bilateral music is shown to reprogram your brain for better. There is a whole Bilateral playlist on Spotify. Other options for relaxation include doing a guided meditation, getting a massage, or simply taking a bath.

Practice Breathwork

There have been many breathing modalities proven to reduce stress, and I could write an entire post on this, but a few to consider are Nadi Shodhana breathing, also known as alternate nostril breathing, Wim Hoff breathing, or simply diaphragmatic breathing. Breathing exercises increase oxygen, reduces blood pressure, slows the heart, and helps you to be present.

Remember you can't always change circumstances, and you can't control other people, but you can manage your reactions to them. Hopefully these tips help with a healthy mindset.


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