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10 Essentials for your Gym Bag

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10 Essentials for your Gym Bag

I’m always on the go, and if you ever wonder what a day in the life of a fitness/yoga instructor looks like, imagine a bag lady decked out in her Lululemon® or Alo Yoga® jetting out the door, keys in hand with a playlist idea in her head.

Now add to this the planning that goes into the day so she is ready to run and not fall short in any immediate need for an essential change of clothes, shoes, and of course food/snacks! What do I carry in that companion bag always on my shoulder? Here are 10 essentials I keep consistent.

Running Shoes & Socks:
If I can squeeze in a run into my day, it’s a better day already! I usually carry a second pair of workout shoes because of the variation in my class schedule. I typically pack my clean indoor studio shoes plus fresh socks. I love Bombas® socks because they are quality, comfort, and give back to charities for every purchase made.

Headphones & Running Belt:
I’ve made the mistake of forgetting my headphones, which can make it a challenge to get motivated for a run even though I enjoy any moment outside in nature. I love to run with music or a podcast, so I keep my headphones with my running belt, and I love the Lululemon® fast and free running belt.

Reusable Water Bottle:
This is a no-brainer. Staying hydrated even if you are keeping in low-key or a light workout is necessary, and reusable is always better for the environment, lasts longer, and easy to refill.

Gym Clothes:
Similar to a change of shoes, you’ll need the right gym or studio attire for your workout or yoga class, and it’s another motivator especially when it makes you look and feel great.

Dry Shampoo:
This has been a game-changer for me sometimes when I feel like I just look gross after a run with a hat and keeping it in a pony isn’t so sexy at the moment. It soaks up extra sweat, refreshes your strands, and adds volume and sometimes a sweet scent.

Facial Cleansing Wipes:
Removing excess sweat, makeup, and sunscreen is a must after a great workout so you can combat any breakouts that might occur from oil buildup. I always like Neutrogena® Makeup Remover Cleansing Wipes. They are 100% plant-based cloth, convenient, and won’t clog pores.

So this is pretty obvious, but I’ve totally forgotten before and had that freak-out moment of figuring out how long it will be until I get home and hope no one notices. Making sure you have an extra one stashed in your gym bag is key!

Wet Brush Hair Brush:
This now seems like a no-brainer to me because before the Wet Brush® I was pulling out hair from my easily-tangled wet strands if I did wash on the go or sweat a lot. There is definitely less breakage and this another small easy addition to your bag.

A great electrolyte to hydrate and nurture your body is essential. I like Nuun® tablets to add to my water, and recommend these to clients and members all the time. There are many varieties for sport, recovery, & energy.

Finally, food! I like to keep real food in my bag like an apple and raw almonds or walnuts, which are healthy light snacks to keep my blood sugar in check.

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